Italia: Tale 5

I awoke to the sound of snoring, however, I slept a bit more because I thought it was OK.

After i got up I dressed quickly and made my way out into the streets of Firenze. The first thing I thought I'd head for was the Ponte Vecchio and everything in between.

On the way I ran into the Duomo and what a sight it was. It was probably the largest church I have ever seen. After taking pictures and walking around the perimeter I made my way through more of the streets of Florence.

After seeing more and more of the old buildings and streets I found the river where the Ponte Vecchio was. At that point I heard a familiar sound; the English language. Soon after I asked the lady to take my picture we talked a bit about where we were from in the United States. She was from Washington state. The funny thing about the occurence was not the fact that she was American but, that she had a good friend that went to Ball State.

Soon after I lost her and her son, who I took a picture with in front of Ponte Vecchio. I then walked further across the river until I got to Jardin Di Boboli.

At that point I walked through the gardens and then up and up and up and up to the top of the terrace where I could see all of Florence. What an amazing sight.

After pictures, I sat and ate lunch (baguette bread) before I made my way down.

After I ate I made my way through more of Florence, taking in many of the old buildings, Fresco architecture in particular before making my way back to the hostel. Once there I took a shower; I know wow! And, then I sat on my bed for a while talked online, with free internet.

After I sat for a while I felt like I was wasting time. So, I took off for Piazza San Marco, Piazzale Michelangelo, and Piazza Republica.

As I stood on the edge of Piazza San Marco I heard: "Nathan!" "Nathan Sheets!" As if there was another Nathan in a few miles. And there were Erin Moody, Amy Buck and Michael Galeyn, all friends from the London Centre program. I had no idea that I would ever run into them, but it was absolutely hilarious.

I told them of my adventures and they told me of theirs before we took off for Piazza Republica. Once there and after the pictures we headed for Piazzale Michelangelo.

We climbed up and up and up and up and up: basically further than at the gardens earlier in the day. But once we were there, it was worth it.

The view from atop the hill or mountain, depending on how you look at it, was incredible and worth the climb and maybe worth the entire trip to Italy. We stayed up there until the sunset and then climbed back down. The pictures do more justice than I could ever think of.

We made our way back down with the intention of finding somewhere to eat.

Searching from one noodle place to another we settled upon a place. . .


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