Italia: tale 3

So where was I? I had just gotten pooped on after meeting some girls from the midlands.

Well, after that i made my way along a canal back to where I started and back to Piazzale Roma. I had the intention of buying some more of the baguette bread but after arriving I found that it must have been a popular item because, it was all gone. AND, at 0.59 a piece who can blame them.

So I was exhasuted at this point and it was getting dark so I walked toward Piazzale Roma and boarded a bus before the night buses started, because I wanted nothing to do with that again.

After arriving at La Alba D'Oro I told the lady at the front desk that my room was freezing the night before and she said that I should try the one next to it. I took the key to number 6 and Voici! There was heat, who would have thought I would need it so much in Italy, but it was a welcome relief. So I dumped my stuff and took back the other key to number 7.

After that I asked the lady again if there was anywhere to watch TV or play games or whatever. She said "only at the bar," so i headed to the bar/restaurant. There I was forced into ordering something to eat and instead of venturing outside the realm of my knowledge of Italian food, I chose spaghetti.

It was an awesome dish of spaghetti and was welcome with the bottle of water I got with it. While eating I watched the small 10" television in the back wall of the dimly lit restaurant, which was showing a football match between two Italian teams I had never heard of. However, I decided to watch the entire match before turning in.

The next day I wandered around a bit, went back to the grocery store and bought two baguettes and then settled on the dock before my train left at 1:43 p.m.

The train took about 3 hours to read Firenze (Florence) Rifredi station and after stepping off the platform I realized that I had not one clue where to go. The only thing I did know was that if I followed the train tracks further down the line, it would take me to the heart of Florence. So I did that and I walked and walked and walked.

After about 3 miles I figure, I arrived at Firenze Santa Maria Novella train station. From there I was able to find my hostel as it was getting dark by the directions on the sheet I had printed to confirm my registration at the hostel.

After arriving I found a very inviting atmosphere at Emerald Fields Hostel right off Via Nazionale close to SMN. I sat as the lady checked me into the system and soon after I met a guy by the name of Steve from Montreal, Canada. We talked for a while and soon after, right after I had connected to the free wireless internet, that I am taking advantage of right now, he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him and a young lady by the name of Alisha from Maine. I said yes and we went out to eat at a small Italian ristorante right off Nazionale. I had Tagliatelle Pesto, which sounds very good right now.

Afterwords we bought some Chianti before heading back to Emerald Fields.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... is my first thought followed up with how was your Tagliatelle Pesto? Sounds like this whole trip is a bit surreal, you don't want to miss a minute of it but there is also the reality of cold and needing to eat on a budget, and trouble finding your way around, I guess taking a trip like this you have to embrace the whole expierence, the good and the not so good. I can't believe you are in freakin' ITALY!!!!!! Do me a favor and try a true Margarita Pizza while you are there, fresh mozz, tomaotoes, and basil, YUMMMM, be safe....Heather

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